“Julia has been a great source of knowledge and wisdom for my family’s health for many years.  Her expertise has spanned several ailments and conditions such as food allergies and intolerances, inflammatory bowel disease, thyroid and hormonal balance, and the list goes on.  Julia especially ministered to us by getting us on the right path with regard to our daughter’s failure to thrive.  By following Julia’s guidelines regarding food and careful supplementation, our daughter’s gut has healed and she has been growing steadily and gaining much-needed weight ever since. Julia was able to get our daughter out of a painful and prolonged season of intestinal inflammation.  Our daughter is now a healthy, thriving, growing girl.”

~Jen E., Florida


“Julia has been our family nutritionist for over 20 years.  She has tenderly cared for us and treated everything from allergies, to infertility, to osteoporosis to cancer.  Julia is a nutritionist who doesn’t just treat the symptoms; she is an extremely gifted and knowledgeable nutritionist who skillfully goes to the source of each problem.  She is always available and Julia really takes time to know each individual and their history.  We always knew that if we just did what Julia was recommending that we would get better!”

~Logan C., California


It is a delight for me to tell you of my experience with Julia McRae over the past seventeen years. Julia has been of inestimable help to my family when both the medical doctors and other naturopaths had failed. Her level of expertise, compassion, and truly holistic approach is unparalleled in her field. It was Julia who, through her proper diagnosis and treatment of my son’s colon issues, led to his receiving a medical waiver to the United States Naval Academy instead of a medical denial. It was Julia who, through her proper diagnosis and treatment of my husband’s bowel impaction, brought him to full health after he had suffered for weeks of improper medical diagnosis and ineffective treatment. And it has been Julia who, throughout the years, has treated my on-going digestive and female issues; always lovingly pointing me to diet and natural remedies.
We are so very thankful for her!

~Valerie D., South Carolina


“Julia McRae has been my personal and family nutritionist for over 23 years and she has made a priceless difference in our quality of life, our health and our peace of mind. She has given us just the right counsel and nutritional guidance to successfully deal with with cellulitis, a torn ACL, menopause and thyroid problems, arthritis, auto-immune crises, and alcoholism. Julia is always there when needed – shepherding us through not just our acute crises of health, but also the everyday cold, the allergy, the aging process, and the out of whack meal plans of two busy professionals. I rely on Julia to stay current in the myriad of areas that impact integrative holistic medicine and nutritional counseling; with Julia, I trust I am always getting the latest in nutritional science. She is the cornerstone of my medical team – and she interfaces seamlessly with traditional western medicine professionals. When a friend has a health concern, Julia’s is the first name I mention.
At 61, I am repeatedly told that I look 15 years younger; and my bone density is that of a 35 year old. I weigh what I did in high school – and feel better now than I did then – I have so much to thank Julia for! Most of all, I thank God for sending me to Julia.

Julia has a gentle manner, a forthright nature, and a deep wisdom that instill confidence in all who are blessed to work with her. I recommend her without reservation, and with the highest praise and gratitude.”

~Celena A., Massachusetts


“Julia McRae came into our lives in 2010 when we were fighting prostate cancer and desperately needed help with gastrointestinal issues that jeopardized treatment. She became our teacher and changed our lives because she not only assisted with the immediate problem, but motivated us to change our lives in ways that involved diet and supplementation to strengthen the immune system on a continuing basis. In 2011 we were challenged by thyroid cancer and Julia supported us all the way in continuing to bring natural healing to our little family. She always motivates us to stay with the best foods complemented by the highest quality supplements available and a healthy lifestyle. In 2012 we were again challenged with multiple myeloma and Julia was there for us and continues to play a major role in healing and staying healthy. We can’t imagine having this journey in life without her; we believe that our meeting was not due to chance but divine intervention. We are blessed to have her as our health counselor and our friend.”

~Fred and Jinhi J., Georgia

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