Poor Poochie

            In my first years of practice, I worked in Dr. Lindsey Duncan’s clinic in Santa Monica, CA.  We saw a lot of movie and music industry stars.  Many times I was asked to go to the home of the star or producer for privacy reasons.  And, on one occasion, I was asked to come for a pooch consult.  My mega-star client had no ordinary dogs: they were adorned with genuine pearl collars and pampered with uptown doggie beds.  One of his treasured pups was an adopted mutt.  One morning, as my client was driven to his office in a limo (per his daily routine), this little pooch happened to be trotting down the side of the freeway.  The limo driver was asked to pull over and the dog hopped in.  Little did he know his little doggie life was never going to be the same again.  He went from life as a stray to life in Malibu and jet setting.  He was one of the sweetest dogs I have ever treated. His main problems were his skin and coat; he also had a weak little digestive system and swollen gums.  If you have a dog, it is no secret that these sorts of problems are common–and, as so often, they can be traced to nutrition.

Poor Poochie

Do you want a healthy dog?

            The things that the commercial dog food industry puts into pet food should be outlawed; animals suffer needlessly due to what they are being fed.  Let me share a few ingredients with you.  The top three allergy-producing foods for dogs are wheat, corn, and soy.  Yet one or all of these are in almost every food.  Sadly, the entire corn plant is used, including the root and stems.  The soy is so processed it is lacking essential fats.  “By-product meal” from meat, poultry, or beef by-products is made from any part of the animal including the head, feet, and feathers.  “Poultry digest or meat digest” refers to roadkill animals and euthanized pets. Ethoquin is a deadly preservative banned for human consumption but not for animals.  Don’t forget “cellulose”–actually another name for sawdust.  Animals are fed this stuff every day.  No wonder we see everything in our pets, from diabetes, to cancer, to arthritis!  But you can have a healthy pet.  A few simple changes, and your faithful little companion will be up and well in no time.

            Here is what my mega-star client and I did for his pooch.  First, we chucked all of the commercial dog food.  Even the “natural” stuff can have junk in it, so please be a label-reader-and-decoder.  To replace commercial food, my client’s chef prepared a simple recipe of brown rice, chopped parsley, shredded carrots, chicken with broth, eggs, sea salt, cod liver oil, a touch of Vitamin E oil, brewer’s yeast, probiotic, garlic cloves, and flax oil.  The food ingredients were cooked down and the supplements were added after cooling.  Single-size portions were then stored in containers for easy use.  (Call it crazy, but I wanted to cover a lot of bases, including the common parasite problem.) And, within a couple of months, this little guy had the coat of a movie star.  His digestive issues were resolved because he was no longer eating sawdust and he was getting essential fatty acids and probiotics. 

            In addition to implementing a digestive-friendly doggie diet, you might want to check the many websites with doggie biscuit recipes that will keep their teeth clean as well.  Clean teeth will reduce gum inflammation.  (We opted for tooth brushing with this smaller bread dog.) The swollen gum issues were gone.  You can find so many breed specific recipes on the internet. Check with your vet if you are unsure.  Some are open to homemade food, others think it unnecessary.  Find a vet who will work with you and watch your dog get well!


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