Natural Cancer Support

     Did you ever get an invitation to a party you did not want to attend?  Cancer is one such party: nothing about it is desirable.  Whether you already have cancer, want to prevent it, or desperately want to help someone else fight it, no doubt you find yourself reading this because you want to know what your options are.  Natural cancer support is a powerful tool!

Walking Through Cancer

Cancer recovery!

      In my last twenty years of working as a nutritionist, I have supported people who have chosen conventional treatments, natural treatments, and combinations of the two.  One of my first cancer patients, who asked me to help her naturally through her multiple myeloma, was my mother.  She was definitely old-school when it came to medicine: she raised us kids in Kentucky on garden-fresh vegetables, homemade everything, and absolutely no sodas.  We only went to the doctor if we were near death or had a limb in need of repair.  And, throughout my growing-up years, it seemed as though my mom never got sick. She is what I call “industrial strength”! So, when she called me from her hospital bed just after receiving her cancer diagnosis in the mid 90’s, I was not surprised when she told me to get her out of there.  She would not be taking any of the offered treatments, and, when told she would be in the grave in a year if she refused them, she replied in typical spunky form: “Oh really? We will see, won’t we?”  So I flew home from California and we started our journey.  My mother lived twenty-five more years, and she lived well. She was push-mowing her own yard in her 80’s, cleaning the gutters on the roof (not something I was thrilled about), and quilting beautifully until her passing weeks.  She was an incredibly disciplined woman with tremendous fortitude.  These are two characteristics that served her well in choosing nutritional methods of support through cancer.   Cancer is a frightening word when you or someone you love has it.  It almost immediately puts everyone in panic mode.  The typical course of action is to follow the doctor’s advice, which, many times, is a very aggressive, invasive treatment plan.  But now, amidst the technology age, people are becoming increasingly aware of other options.  Celebrities like Suzanne Somers, a longtime advocate of Dr. Burzynski and his Houston clinic, have been outspoken in making people aware of natural courses of action to fight cancer. There’s also Dr. Gonzalez, a New York-based physician who has been using alternative therapies for cancer treatment for well over twenty years. Check the website for an in-patient wellness clinic that focuses on the treatment of degenerative diseases.  Dr. James Forsythe of Century Wellness Clinic in Reno, Nevada is also on the cutting edge of cancer treatment.

                All these recommendations show that alternative treatment is much more common than you might think.  A focus on whole foods and whole-food supplementation is the common link in helping you walk through this process, whatever option you choose.  You are taking the first big step already by arming yourself with information to fight this.  I am going to give you some simple tips to get started on your journey of recovery, treatment support, or prevention.  But first, I think it will be helpful if you have a few books to help you further understand exactly why a whole-foods diet will give you the strength you need.  The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen by Rebecca Katz is a delightful cookbook to help you get started, giving a nice variety of foods.   Anti- Cancer: A New Way of Life by Dr. David Servan-Schreiber and Cancer as Metabolic Disease by Dr. Seyfried are also excellent resources. Natural Strategies for Cancer Patientsby Dr. Russell Blaylock is another must-have. Please do not get overwhelmed any more than you already are when you read these.  You may be tempted to think, “How will I ever pull all of this together?” Your nutritionist can help you further customize for your particular needs.  And realize that you may not agree one-hundred-percent  with every detail in any suggested plan or book. That is okay–I rarely do either.  The goal is to get well, not to find a new sort of infallible nutritional bible that is perfect for everyone.  Even with nutritional support through cancer, perfection is impossible and not necessary to get well.  On the other hand, diligence and discipline are not optional!  Most cancers are associated with poor nutrition and a suppressed immune system.  This is why a clean diet and whole-food supplements are key components in helping your body to get well.  We all develop cancer cells continuously; the immune system’s job is to destroy these mutations of our normal cells.  Our cells become altered due to environmental, chemical, and nutritionally toxic food exposure.  Our immune system must be in top fighting condition to heal itself and fight disease.  Few people find themselves in this place of strength, for our Standard American Diet (SAD) is loaded with processed food, sugar, and cancer-causing hydrogenated oils, besides suppressing our immune systems at record speed. 

                So without further ado, here are what nutrition experts consider to be some of the most important steps to support you through this time.

1.       Get rid of all sugar and carbohydrates.  

2.       Eat a whole-foods diet that is high in plant-based foods.  Organic is best, if you can afford it.

3.       Green leafy vegetables have some of the most powerful anti-cancer nutrients on the planet.  Pile them in salads, steam them, juice them, and put them in smoothies.  Get seven to ten servings per day.

4.       Eat organic protein, like eggs, chicken, turkey, wild caught fish, raw nuts, and seeds.

5.       Emphasize immune-building fats, like avocado, butter from grass-fed cows, olive oil, and coconut oil.

6.       Fermented foods, sea vegetables, shitake, and maitake mushrooms are great immune-builders.

7.       Be aggressive with detoxification of your body!  You need your liver, bowels, kidneys blood, and lymph systems to be constantly detoxifying.  It is very important to have a customized plan, but the following supplements are where we started:

·         High-potency probiotic, such as Apex Energetics Strengtia, or Natren’s Healthy Trinity.

·         Sun Chlorella  tablets

·         Purified fish oil capsules

·         Vitamin D3

·         Beta Glucan and IP6

·         A gentle, liver and bowel-cleansing program that helped to detoxify these two important channels of elimination. 

8.       Drink eight to ten glasses of purified water daily. 

The above plan is an excellent first phase; you will need to find a certified nutritionist or practitioner to continue your progress.   Please keep going–the body has an amazing ability to heal itself when it is given the right nutrients and supplements.

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