Moms Medicine Cabinet-Teething

If I could give you something to speed this one up, I sure would.  A teething baby can make for some sleepless nights.  There are some really potent, natural remedies that work wonders.  I have seen hysterical babies settle down quickly with these remedies.  The key is to be consistent in giving them.  Natural remedies do not work well unless you are persistent.  If you are, you will have a much smoother teething time.


Is teething keeping you awake?


1.     Teething Tablets by Hyland’s , Camilia liquid by Boiron, and Gripe Water are my top three go to remedies.  Babies respond differently, so find the one that works best for your baby.  Sometimes I have done 2 of the 3

2.     My baby’s loved an ice cube in a baby washcloth and secured tightly with a rubber band.  Gnawing on the ice cube soothed the inflammation and numbed the gums.

3.     Keep wiping the extra drool that teething brings, to prevent skin irritation

4.     Teething rings that are rubbery seemed to work best for my three kids

5.     For added support in calming your baby you may choose to use a little baby lotion that contains lavender, to rub into baby’s skin.

6.     Some pediatricians recommend infant ibuprofen.  When you and baby need to get some relief from the pain it is understandable.  You haven’t failed if greater measures are needed. 



Some little ones do not want to eat much when they are really in pain.  As long as they are having wet diapers, they are fine to take in less for a few days.  One thing is for sure, when a baby gets hungry again you will be the first to know.


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