Moms Medicine Cabinet Skin First Aid


1.     For sunburns aloe vera gel is hard to beat.  Boric acid crystals in the bath are amazing as well.  Black tea baths to cool the burn is a time proven remedy to relieve the pain.  This is simple skin first aid at its best!

Skin First Aid

Skin first aid that works!

2.     A burn from the stove can be treated with lavender oil.  This is an incredibly soothing and healing little herb.  It will take the sting out immediately and promote tissue healing.  If you have never tried this you are going to be shocked, at how quickly the sting is gone!  Aloe is a good backup along with this.  Fresh from the plant is best.  You can keep one growing at home.

Poison Ivy:

1.     Get in the bath tub and use the most amazing poison ivy stopper on the planet. It is called Zanfel.  This is a little scrub that must be applied, as directed while in running water.  It works because it removes the oils from the plant, from your skin.  The remaining oils after contact on your skin and in your clothes is what keeps it spreading.  Wash the clothes you were wearing when you came into contact with it.  Put on fresh clothes after each bath.

2.     Apply Ivarest cream after using Zanfel for continued drying and soothing of the itching.

3.     I have seen this work on the most severe cases and keep highly allergic children off of steroids.  Use it as soon as you know you have come in contact with the plant.  Some kids typically get it in the same spot.

4.     You should also wash the child’s sheets every night for a few nights to make sure none of the oils are in the sheets, from night time scratching or oozing.

5.     This is amazing stuff!  You have to try it!  It stops poison ivy in its tracks!




If gravel or debris is left in a wound, infection is sure to set in.  You have to clean it out so that the top layer of skin does not heal with dirt under it.  Most people have been conditioned to reach for antibiotic creams at this point.  I would ask you to please reconsider doing this.  These creams were not produced for every little scratch.  In fact research is suggesting that overuse has contributed to an epidemic of antibiotic resistant infections.  If infection is not present, it is contraindicated to apply this cream.  Our skin has its own little hosts of workers to heal itself.  Cleaning with soap and water and keeping it dry is generally all that is needed.  In the cases you need more help, here are some great ways to do that.


1.     If you have gravel or debris in the wound you need to use something like hydrogen peroxide to clean it out.  This is so great because it bubbles up and forces the debris out of the wound.   After using this do not use it again, as it will inhibit healing. You can pat skin dry and leave it alone to scab over

2.     If the wound is bleeding apply cayenne pepper to stop the bleeding.  No, I am not kidding!  This will stop bleeding like you have never seen.  Try it on yourself the next time you get a cut.  This is a no sting remedy!

3.     You can apply one of two things to minor scrapes after washing with soap and water.  Colloidal silver spray or gel is so incredible and is a natural antibacterial.  Or you can use calendula when keeping a scab soft is helpful.

Bruises and sore muscles:

1.I keep Anica gel or ointment in my house at all times  It is so good for soreness from sprains, injuries or breaks.  My kids ask for this all the time.  From jammed fingers to sore muscles.  This is one of our favorites.  If you want a red mark from an injury not to bruise, put this on.  The bruise will not show up!  Cramps and tired legs respond very well to Arnica.  This is a must have mom medicine!












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