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Mouth Sores have become so common that many dentists are recommending natural remedies to help their little patients find relief.  One sore is painful enough, but multiple sores are almost unbearable.  They are believed to be a virus.  Clinical research agrees with this, in that they respond very well to anti-viral remedies.  You do not have to turn to strong drugs for relief.  In fact, you can prevent them from ever coming back.  Remember the key to natural therapies is to be consistent and unwavering. 

Mouth Sores

Does your baby have thrush or mouth sores?

1.     These are painful, so you want to try to prevent them.  They can be the result of several deficiencies.

2.     To prevent them I recommend taking Lysine with Red Marine Algae and Zinc in combination.  This helps to fight the virus that causes them to reoccur and to rebuild your system.  Dose according to age.

3.     If your child is presently fighting one, do as directed above and add folic acid in a high dose until relief is found.  If your child is 12 or older 1,000mg is recommended.  If younger, dose according to age.

4.     Colloidal silver liquid is an amazing mouth rinse to use 4-5 times per day to clear up existing sores.  Hold this liquid in the mouth and swish for at least a minute. 

5.     Probiotics daily are a must for every child.  This is your first line of defense where immunity is concerned.  Mouth sores are believed to be a virus, that weak immune systems make ripe for flare ups.


If you can’t afford all of these at once, start with the Lysine, Red Algae, Zinc formula, for an acute flare up.  When you can, probiotics will be a must to build a healthy immune system.  Remember, consistency is the key!






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