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I have seen some of the most fierce, raised red rashes on babies’ bottoms.  I have even seen open bleeding skin.  Ouch!  Poor Baby!  Dr. Mom to the rescue!  For diaper rash that will not heal please check for strep or food intolerances. (See Food Allergies)  One of my sons had major issues with dairy.  Removing dairy alone cleared him up every time.  Regardless of the reason you need relief now!  So, here it is!

Diaper Rash Remedy

Does your baby have diaper rash?

1.     Keep a good zinc, cod liver oil based cream on hand.  Of all the things I have used, this is 9 out of 10 times the best.  There are even zinc creams with colloidal oatmeal in them.

2.     Soak little bottoms in an oatmeal sits bath.  These soothe a fiery bottom so well.  Pat dry and apply a thick coat of cream after bathing.

3.     With very irritated bottoms I do not use diaper wipes.  I use a bulb syringe to gently rinse baby’s bottom and pat dry.  Air out time on a blanket can be messy, but this can really help also.  Follow up with a thick coat of cream.

Yeast overgrowth on babies’ bottoms:

1.     I believe internal and external treatments are best.  For external treatment I recommend trying a natural homemade formula as follows.  Mix 4 ounces peach kernel oil, 1 ounce jojoba oil, 2 ounces calendula oil, 1 ounce camelina oil and 2 drops lavender oil in a glass jar.  Keep this in the fridge.  Apply a small amount to a clean bottom with each diaper change.

2.     I also recommend giving a probiotic orally.  You can get an infant formula at the health food store, and follow the directions.

3.     Sometimes you will notice a thick white coating on your infants tongue.  This can be an oral yeast called thrush.  An old remedy from pediatrician , Dr. Jack Newman, is gentian violet. He recommends swabbing a little in your baby’s mouth with a clean soft cloth.  A gauze square can work well.  Gentian is absorbed into mucus membranes to kill the yeast.  This stuff can stain clothes and skin.  The skin will lighten after a few days. It is wise to apply this to your nipples before breastfeeding to help clear up the candida in your system as well.

4.     Oatmeal sits baths always soothe any diaper rash

5.     Sometimes pediatricians recommend a thin layer of Lotrimin.  This is an antifungal for feet and male fungal problems.  A thin layer under a good zinc diaper cream works incredibly well, if you do not want to make the home remedy version.



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