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Colic in babies is a common problem  when excessive gas or food intolerances hurt little tummies. It can even be accompanied by intestinal spasms. When a baby has colic the cries are heartbreaking. They want relief and so do you! It was once thought to be for unknown reasons. I have never held to that view. If a baby is gassy or in pain something is not agreeing with his tummy. Your job is to find out what and fast! Here are the foolproof steps to making your baby pain free.


When a baby has colic the cries are heartbreaking!

1. Poor baby and mom on this one! The best place to start if you are breastfeeding is with your diet. Eliminate the most common colic foods. Dairy, casein, gluten, broccoli, and soy.
2. Oral tablets like Hyland’s Colic tablets are great. I push the dose. Gripe water is also very soothing as well.
3. If you are formula feeding you may need to consider a low allergy formula. Keep looking for answers, you can find the right one. I have had many people use raw goat milk with great success. Google Sally Fallon for more information on that.
4. Sometimes colic is due to constipation. A hard abdomen and small balls of stool are a sure sign. Molasses is the miracle cure! Always check with your doctor for dosing. It is age specific. This is a gentle bowel mover for baby.

If you have not found relief after these steps, keep going. Please see my article on food allergies to determine what your next step may need to be. Some babies are so sensitive. I have a dear friend whose infant was hospitalized with a bleeding bowel. She was a sick little baby. Her food allergies were numerous and her gut flora was a zero. She has been my patient since birth. It has been quite a journey but she is well and thriving at 11 years old. Her mom has been tenacious and unwavering in seeing her little girl through this naturally. Dr. Mom cures another child. Well done mom!

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