Hormonal Happiness

The title seems a bit like an oxymoron.  Is there really such a thing as hormone happiness?  I guess it depends on who you ask.  I do think there is such a thing in any season of a woman’s hormonal journey.  In my practice, I have seen a huge increase in hormonal and thyroid imbalances, in the last 12 years.  I could devote my practice to these issues alone and be more than busy.  Hot flashes, insomnia, heavy menses, infertility, hair loss, facial hair growth, weight gain, thyroid imbalance, bone loss and accelerated aging are just the tip on the iceburg when it comes to imbalanced hormones.  The things I am seeing are astounding.  I was sitting in a waiting room recently and the gentleman behind the counter began to tell me about his 7 year old daughter.  She was having horrible insomnia. After many trips to the doctor, it was discovered that she was suffering from the onset of Menarche (Early menstruation).  She was also developing breasts, and only a few weeks away from starting her cycle.  Her hormones were out of control.  I was very glad to hear that she was immediately put on a hormone free diet. If this doesn’t speak to what is in our food, I don’t know what does.   Sadly, she was placed on synthetic hormones to get this turned around.  The cost for this was about $11,000 to date.  The poor little girl was mortified by what was happening to her body.  In adults, hormone sensitive cancers abound.  Research, technology and synthetic hormones abound, yet solutions are not forthcoming.   Not when it comes to merely treating the symptoms of hormonal and thyroid imbalances.    The natural approaches to hormone and thyroid balancing are proving to bring much needed relief, with far fewer side effects.  The body is an integrated whole.  We must correct the underlying issues to restore vitality, balance and mental clarity.  What you put into your body in the form of food, supplements and medicines will affect it profoundly.  If it is now widely recognized that the hormones in food are contributing to premature menstruation, how is it contributing to the hormonal imbalances in adults?  Our children are the products of eating hormone laden, processed, sugary foods.  And so are we!

hormonal happiness

Your hormones can be balanced!

A well balanced lifestyle, along with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy can bring incredible relief to young girls and women.  It is a process, not a pill that will bring balance to your hormones.  Let me recommend a few books I think every woman should arm herself with, before embarking on this journey.  Dr. John Lee has several books on hormones.  The first one I read was, What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Premenopause.  He has written several books pertaining to different hormonal seasons. He is one of the outspoken pioneers of our day in this field.  Dr. C. W. Randolph has written several books.  Hormone Hell to Hormone Well is a great book.  He is very knowledgeable in the area of bio-identical hormones as a practicing OB/GYN and compounding pharmacist.  His clinic is nationally known for excellence in the field of bio-identical hormones.  He is my personal doctor and I have sent many men women, and teens his way.  He is a very compassionate, kind man.  www.thethyroidbook.com is an invaluable resource for those who suffer with thyroid issued due to autoimmunity.  Stop the Thyroid Madness by Janie A. Bowthorpe, M. Ed is another good resource for those with thyroid issues.  She can be found at www.stopthethyroidmadness.com .  You are going to need a few things to help you get started.  Educating yourself will help you navigate this process. Find a reputable Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy practitioner in your area.  You must be tested and see where you are.  A good nutritionist is also needed.  Nutritional support is critical to achieving and maintaining balance.   You can support or throw off your hormones by what you eat.  It will seem like a ton of information, so you need someone to help you put together a customized wellness program.  Some areas of health you can take what you read and run with it.  Others, like this area need work, tweaking and more tweaking.  In the middle of hormonal or thyroid crisis, you are not always the best person to see yourself through this.  No offense intended.  It is hard to navigate an imbalance on your own.  I certainly sought help when I needed it.  It was a huge blessing!  You need a team for this task.  In the meantime, here are some ways you can get started and move in the direction of profound change quickly. 

1.     Remove the foods that keep you hormones imbalanced.  Sugar and simple carbohydrates must go.  It forces insulin surges that wreak havoc on your cortisol levels.  This causes you to produce high levels of testosterone, throwing off your entire hormonal balance.  Additionally, excess sugar always stores as fat.  This makes you gain extra weight.  More fat produces more estrogen and excess estrogen produces more fat.  A cycle you must break!

2.     Eat lots of whole fresh foods that will balance your blood sugars, load you up with anti-aging nutrients and help you keep your hormones in balance.  Leafy green vegetables and fresh berries are the super foods for hormonal balance.  Eat all you want.

3.     Emphasize organic (hormone free) chicken, turkey, eggs and wild caught fish. 

4.     Eat lots of the essential fatty acid foods like cold pressed olive oil, coconut oil, raw nuts, organic grass fed butter or ghee, and avocado. (See my article on Weight Loss if you think these will make you gain weight.  They actually help you lose weight)

5.     Small amounts of healthy starches like quinoa, millet, brown rice, butternut squash and acorn squash. 

6.     Start with a good colon cleanse, to make sure you are cleaning out your bowels.  There are some great ones you can take at home.  

7.     Supplement with calcium D- glucarate to detoxify the excess hormone from your system.  Thorne and Pure Encapsulations make great ones

8.     Adrena Sense by Natural Factors for adrenal support

9.     Essential fatty acids (EFA) Omega 3 and 6

10.                        B- Complex for converting your food into useable energy

11.                        B-12 (methyl only) with folic acid for energy.  I like chewables

12.                        Whole Foods multi-vitamin and mineral  

Like always you must exercise 3-4 times per week and drink plenty of water.  Get on your bio-identical hormones as soon as possible.  Tweak with your nutritionist until you get there!  Remember, this is a process not a pill.  Wellness naturally takes persistence, and a little bit of time.  You can do it!  Enjoy how much more your friends want to be around you, once you are balanced!  

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