Do You Suddenly Have Wheat And Dairy Allergies?

GF(Gluten Free), GFCF (Gluten Free Casein Free) and SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) are common diets in my circles. I have come to realize these are diets that are not widely known in general except by those who have wheat and dairy allergies.  What are these diets and why would anyone need to be on one, are the first questions to be answered.  Bodies are getting sicker all the time.  This includes children.  What we are eating has everything to do with why we are a sick nation!  Though there are other contributing factors, this still continues to be a huge part of the problem, as well as a huge part of the cure. Food has power.  It can make you sick or it can make you well. No one diet is perfect for everyone, or surely our Creator would have stated so.  This is also true for people with gluten and dairy allergies.  For many people, these diets bring tremendous relief.  However, a customized plan is many times still needed, to bring about complete restoration.

Dairy and Wheat Allergies

Do you have dairy and wheat allergies?

Now for the answer to our question.  Why do so many people suddenly have wheat and dairy allergies?  In reality, I have been dealing with this issue for over 20 years with people.  It has been a longstanding issue.  It has only recently been recognized by mainstream medicine as a widespread problem.  When an issue becomes recognized by mainstream medicine, it is validated, tracked and reported on a wider scale.  Issues seem to “ pop up” suddenly, simply because most people have not been aware of them.  The same is true for most health issues.  Look at diabetes.  20 years ago, diet was ignored as prevention, or as a cure. Now, it is commonly known that dietary changes can reverse diabetes.  Alternative medicine has been using diet as a means of reversal for years.  Secondly, is the issue of inherent weaknesses.   Because we have eaten our way into ill health in America, we have broken down our bodies and the bodies of our children.  The billion dollar antacid, laxative and probiotic industries speak to the digestive/intestinal issues we are passing on to our children. Either through genetic weaknesses, learned eating habits, antibiotic over use, lack of good gut bacteria, or metal toxicity, we are passing the baton.  Sometimes it is even exposure to a toxic substance that can trigger severe damage in the intestinal lining.  The intestinal lining is a barrier between the nutrients you are absorbing from foods, and your bloodstream.  When damage to the intestinal lining is present, it can develop what is called” leaky gut.” When this happens the intestinal lining is unable to protect the internal intestinal structure, and to filter your much needed nutrients.  In other words, your intestines have become more porous and with large holes that leak out what it shouldn’t be leaking.  Because your intestinal lining is the first line of defense for your immune system this is not a small matter. The consequence is that some bacteria, toxins and large undigested food molecules, leak out into the bloodstream.  This causes an autoimmune response (allergic reaction), that leads to severe intestinal problems, and/or joint problems, skin issues and autoimmunity.    The bloodstream is not intended to handle undigested food molecules from the small intestines.  The body responds by sending the help it can, to attack the foreign invader of the blood stream.  The liver has to work overtime to screen out all of the particles your intestines were supposed to be handling.  Most of the time, the liver cannot handle this constant flow of waste in your bloodstream, so this waste accumulates in tissues throughout the body.  Tissues become inflamed and a vicious inflammation cycle is initiated.  In my 20 plus years of experience, this inflammation is bowel related for some, and a host of other tissue inflammation diseases for others.  Inflammation is an immune response that puts an even greater level of stress on your body.  The immune system is the big gun within your body that now has to load up and fight for you. The immune system rushes into battle to fight the foreign intruders and get them out of your body ASAP. This becomes a huge war within your body.  This war overrides the smaller battles that still need to be taken care of.  Battles like fighting bacteria, calming inflammation, cleaning  the blood and regulating gut function.  So now what happens?  The body then produces antibodies that fight against the foreign invaders in the blood.  Foods like gluten from wheat, casein from milk, eggs or nuts that have been leaking into the bloodstream now trigger immune responses when they enter the body.  Why these foods so commonly?  Americans consume these foods in extremely high amounts for starters. Secondly, gluten from wheat produces a protein called zonulin that is a known cause of leaky gut.  Gluten is a contributor to antibody formation that causes inflammatory molecules to secrete.  This causes damage to the tissues of the body.  These antibodies react with the tissues of the body then causing an autoimmune response.  Further still, gluten has been shown to cause damage to nerve tissue and neurotransmitters (vital chemicals that allow the nervous system to communicate).  This is why so many with neurological diseases do well staying away from gluten. These foods are also not what they once used to be.  Wheat used to be a whole food.  That means it had all the fiber and vitamins in tact, needed to digest, absorb and eliminate this food.  Processing and genetically modifying this food over the years has basically turned it into a food that no longer has the necessary components needed, to be properly used by your body.  Vital fiber was long ago removed from wheat so it would have a longer shelf life. That only made this a less digestable food.  Gluten is an additive used in everything from candy, condiments, to seasonings.  Excess exposure has only increased our sensitivity. 

Casein is the protein in dairy products.  It is an equally high allergen food.  The quality of dairy is so poor today that pasturized milk is not something I typically recommend.  Like any food sensitivity, it too can become a food allergy that causes the same autoimmune response as gluten, and frequently does.  I see casein intolerance as often as gluten intolerance. 

The reason people need these diets is a result of leaky gut, that causes an autoimmune response.  You must heal the gut if you are ever going to heal the autoimmune response.  You must do these diets with complete compliance or it is like knocking a scab off a wound.  Every time you knock off a scab the healing process starts over.  Every time you ingest a known allergen food, the healing process starts over in the intestines as well.

 The gluten free diet (GF) has commonly been used to help treat people with Celiac Disease.  These individuals suffer damage to their intestinal cells, tissues and villi when these foods are ingested. They can have reactions to gluten in foods that range from mild to life threatening.  Gluten is found in obvious and not so obvious foods.  The common gluten foods are wheat, barley, rye and oats that have been cross contaminated with wheat, barley or rye.  Gluten is also hidden in sausages, lunch meats, soy sauce, cosmetics, potato chips, candy, seasonings, and condiments.  You must be a decoding label reader to catch all the ways it is disguised.  Words like HVP(hydrolyzed vegetable protein) and Seitan(100% gluten) just to name  a few. What a lot of Celiac people overlook is the fact that gluten like protein starches exist in other foods that keep their bodies sick.  Foods like soy.  This is many times why they only get somewhat better and not completely well. These people suffer through many hard years of sickness if they do not know what is wrong.  I have had more patients than I can count come to me with this problem.  A lot of them know what foods to avoid, to keep from being reactive. However, they do not know how to heal their intestinal lining.  Most people have a “manage the disease” mentality.  I am here to assure you that you can do more than manage the disease.  You can heal your intestinal disease by giving your body the tools it needs to heal itself.  Cutting out what causes you to flare up is only half the battle.

The next diet on the list is the gluten free, casein free diet. (GFCF) This too is gluten free, but is also casein free.  Casein is the protein found in dairy products.    Like gluten, casein is found in more than just straight dairy products.  Things that say dairy free can contain casein.  For instance, rice cheese and French fries both contain casein.  So what you think would be dairy free products actually are not.  This diet is widely used with huge success among the Autistic Spectrum Disorder kids.  The intestinal tracts of these kids is so incredibly overtaken by bacterial and fungal overgrowth that hope of recovery is impossible without healing the gut.  The gut and brain are intimately woven systems.  You feed every cell and tissue in your body through the intestinal tract. Your brain is included.  If your intestines are inflamed or compromised daily by gluten and casein intake, your absorption is little to nothing.  To put it simply, the brain cannot heal and function to its full potential without absorbing the proper nutrients.  Like any system in the body, if it is starved or deprived, it becomes sick or cannot heal from an existing problem.  A gut with yeast or bacterial overgrowth must be purged and healed to function properly, and to help the brain and every other system in the body, get the much needed nutrients.  I have witnessed first-hand the power of this diet and necessary supplementation, not just bring improvement, but heal the lives of Autistic children.  For a thorough guide and understanding of this process see Healing Our Autistic Kids by Dr. Julie A. Buckley.  She is brilliant and compassionate!

One step further in this journey is the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. (SCD)  For some of my patients, GFCF was not sufficient to bring about complete restoration of intestinal function.  In fact there would be some improvement followed  by relapses.  In a simplified nutshell, some people lack the ability to digest and absorb particular starches.  When this happens instead of a normal digestive process happening, an abnormal process occurs.  The normal digestion of starches is completed in the villi of the small intestines and then absorbed into the bloodstream.  When these starches remain undigested, due to enzyme deficiency, bowel inflammation, starch intolerance, or excess yeast/bacterial overgrowth, the normal nutritional process is reversed.  Instead of the nutrients flowing from the intestines and being absorbed into the bloodstream, water is drawn into the intestines.  This water then takes the nutrients out of the body in the form of diarrhea and vital nutrients are lost.  If a doctor ever tells you that toddler diarrhea is normal, don’t believe it!  It is a sign of intestinal distress. The sugars that remain in the intestinal tract, from the undigested starches keep the viscous cycle going, by feeding the yeast.  This continues to breakdown your number one source of absorption and immunity in your body, the intestines.  This cycle is also an integral part of autoimmune disorders as well.  That topic will be for another article. 

To properly heal your intestines, strict adherence to your recommended diet must be held to for at least a year or more.  Healing through natural means has never been a quick fix.  It is a process of removing, restoring and rebuilding.  It takes effort and commitment, but it is well worth it!  When your child who cries out in pain and is locked into a world of suffering begins to heal, your reward is sweeter than sweet!  Keep going and never give up!  For amazing recipes and resources on the SCD diet please go to  My friend, has taken SCD gourmet!

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