Moms Medicine Cabinet – Colic

Colic in babies is a common problem  when excessive gas or food intolerances hurt little tummies. It can even be accompanied by intestinal spasms. When a baby has colic the cries are heartbreaking. They want relief and so do you! It was once thought to be for unknown reasons. I have never held to that […]

Moms Medicine Cabinet-Teething

If I could give you something to speed this one up, I sure would.  A teething baby can make for some sleepless nights.  There are some really potent, natural remedies that work wonders.  I have seen hysterical babies settle down quickly with these remedies.  The key is to be consistent in giving them.  Natural remedies […]

Moms Medicine Cabinet Skin First Aid

Burns: 1.     For sunburns aloe vera gel is hard to beat.  Boric acid crystals in the bath are amazing as well.  Black tea baths to cool the burn is a time proven remedy to relieve the pain.  This is simple skin first aid at its best! 2.     A burn from the stove can be treated […]

Remedies For Tummy Aches In Kids

    Tummy aches in kids can be occasional for some and common for others.  The chronic tummy ache needs further investigation for food sensitivities or intolerances. (See Food Allergies)  Many times it is as simple as gas bubbles or slight constipation. Most stomach upset can be soothed away quickly by the following simple steps. […]

Moms Medicine Cabinet – Diaper Rash

I have seen some of the most fierce, raised red rashes on babies’ bottoms.  I have even seen open bleeding skin.  Ouch!  Poor Baby!  Dr. Mom to the rescue!  For diaper rash that will not heal please check for strep or food intolerances. (See Food Allergies)  One of my sons had major issues with dairy.  […]