Hormonal Happiness

The title seems a bit like an oxymoron.  Is there really such a thing as hormone happiness?  I guess it depends on who you ask.  I do think there is such a thing in any season of a woman’s hormonal journey.  In my practice, I have seen a huge increase in hormonal and thyroid imbalances, […]


Did you know approximately 17 million Americans suffer with acne?  It is estimated that 90% of adolescence suffer with this difficult condition.  Over one  billion dollars per year is spent on treatments, which end with less than satisfactory results.  The cosmetic industry treats the skin with very harsh ingredients.  The most common allergic reactions reported […]

Poor Poochie

            In my first years of practice, I worked in Dr. Lindsey Duncan’s clinic in Santa Monica, CA.  We saw a lot of movie and music industry stars.  Many times I was asked to go to the home of the star or producer for privacy reasons.  And, on one occasion, I was asked to come […]

Here Kitty Kitty

I grew up in a rural part of Kentucky.  My mother was busy with seven children, but she always had time for sick animals. Feeding cats well was one of her secrets to nursing them back to health. We fed baby birds that were blown out of their nests in storms, we bottle fed a […]

What to Eat When You Are Expecting

Women are frequently emailing, texting, or calling me about what to eat when they are pregnant.  In fact, just the other day I sat next to a young woman on a plane who was expecting her first baby.  Her baby has a heart defect that will require four surgeries by the age of three years […]

The Health of Our Kids

              The National Cancer Institute reports cancer as the leading cause of death among U.S. children between infancy and age fifteen.  One in every thousand children suffers from arthritis. One in every four hundred children has diabetes. One in eighty children has Celiac disease. One in twelve children under the age of four has […]

Men and Cardiovascular Disease

Did you know that one in four male deaths is due to heart disease.  It is the leading cause of death among American men.  About 75% of sudden cardiac events occur in men. The risk factors that place men at higher risk for heart disease are high blood pressure, high cholesterol, poor diet, physical inactivity, […]

Living Without Diabetes

In my 20 years of private practice, as a nutritionist, I have seen a lot of diabetes patients.  It is not a new disease.  Reversing diabetes nutritionally however, is only recently being embraced on a broader scale.  It is reported by Centers for Disease Control (CDC) that approximately 25.8 million adults and children in the […]

Building a Strong Immune System

To build a strong immune system, you must start with the mindset of remove, replace, and rebuild.  Remove what is weakening your immune system, or you will never make it strong. Replace the empty calories you eat with foods that nourish and increase your strength.  Rebuild with whole food supplementation that will cleanse and restore […]

Rebuilding in Addiction Recovery

              Alcohol and drug addiction recovery was something I watched from early on.  I also witnessed the devastation these addictions bring–as well as the horrible detox symptoms that many of my family members went through while detoxing at home.  In addition, my father worked as an in-patient recovery specialist for many years; his […]