Building a Strong Immune System

To build a strong immune system, you must start with the mindset of remove, replace, and rebuild.  Remove what is weakening your immune system, or you will never make it strong. Replace the empty calories you eat with foods that nourish and increase your strength.  Rebuild with whole food supplementation that will cleanse and restore your body.   You need to incorporate all of these steps to help your body fight off sickness and disease.

Building a Strong Immune System

You can strengthen your immune system!

When considering the remove phase the number one offender to be removed is sugar.  It is so widely over consumed that diabetes, heart disease, cancer, obesity, hypoglycemia, and bowel disease are at an all-time high.  Excess sugar is the common denominator for almost every American when it comes to tearing down the body.  Many still mistakenly think that eating a healthy diet is all that is needed to improve your strength and immunity.  The sugar factor is universally overlooked by my clients.  It is thought that “healthy sugar” has no limits.  The truth is that too much agave nectar or honey can be just as devastating to your health as too much white sugar.  There are other factors that contribute to a weak immune system, but this is one that must be addressed.

In the late 1800s, the average consumption of sugar per person was about 5 pounds per year.  Cancer and cardiovascular disease were almost nonexistent.  Today, the USDA reports that the average American’s sugar intake is around 150 pounds per year.   Cardiovascular disease and cancer are the number one killers today.  Sugar is doing more than just making us susceptible to colds; it is contributing to the development of almost every disease in America.  Your cells are actually robbed of vitamin C and other vital nutrients when you take in too much sugar.  One teaspoon alone of sugar depresses the immune system for up to four hours after ingestion.  Study after study shows how sugar feeds cancer cells. If you want to have a strong immune system, you must remove excess daily sugar intake!  Most argue that the body needs sugar.  True, the brain needs about one teaspoon a day – not 150 pounds per year.

 I will give you some tips at the end of this article on what a typical day of eating  looks like for building your immune system.  Please do not underestimate the power of food to help you get well.  Food has power!  It can make you sick, and it can make you well!  Complex medicine and science are not the only way to help your body heal itself.

 Let me give you some more food for thought when it comes to how we break down our immune system.  Though sugar tops the list of foods to remove, common foods like wheat and dairy are also destructive to the health of many people.  In simple terms, these foods are the leading cause of leaky gut, a condition in which the intestinal lining is damaged.  Once the intestinal lining is damaged, it is unable to protect this internal environment and filter needed nutrients.  The problem with this is that certain bacteria and their toxins, incompletely digested proteins and fats, and waste that you do not normally absorb, leak out of the intestines into the bloodstream.  This is a huge problem!  It triggers what is called an autoimmune response, which leads to gastrointestinal diseases and just about every other autoimmune disease.  We have embraced the fact that leaky gut can cause an autoimmune response in the intestines. We have not been so eager to embrace its relationship to all autoimmune responses.  It is commonly said that 75% of our immunity lies within our gut. If the gut is sick, the body will be sick in some way.   The body is an integrated whole.  Systems do not work in isolation.  If someone comes to me with arthritis, migraines, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, asthma, colitis, fibromyalgia, or just about anything else, we start with the gut.  It is the key system to address in almost every area of health.  When the intestines are absorbing and functioning at peak performance, you will find a body that is either well or getting well.  When the intestines (gut) are not absorbing and leaking what is toxic into the bloodstream, you find a body that is either sick or getting sick. 

We have covered the remove phase well enough.  Let’s move on to the replace stage.  For everything you take out, you need to replace it with the healthy alternative.  After all, if we gave up everything that was supposedly bad for us we would be left with air and water.  You might be thinking, “What in the world do I eat?”  You want to adopt the mindset that everything I put into my body needs to be building my health, not tearing it down.  Whole fresh foods are now going to be the focus—I mean lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Wild caught fish, organic meat (if possible), raw nuts, organic eggs, brown rice and beans, and avocado for protein.  The beverage of choice should be water.  This is the fly-by of what to use as a replacement.  (More about this at the end of this article.) 

Now let’s consider the rebuild phase.  Most of the time, when we are rebuilding the health, we have to consider what needs to be cleaned up and fortified.  For instance, if the body is constipated, we have to get the pipes cleaned out and moving.  A good colon cleanse program will work very well at accomplishing this goal.  If we do not clean out, we will not properly absorb all of the good things we are putting into our body.  The intestines are the engine for the immune system; if we do not maintain them well, we will not have a strong immune system.    If the liver is full of fats, we cannot expect that it will function at peak performance   We must clean out the liver to allow it to function properly.  The liver filters toxins, digests fats, produces cholesterol, and converts glucose into glycogen for the brain (just to name a few jobs).   On and on it goes with each system of the body.  Once we clean up, we can start putting specific nutrients into the body to rebuild the immune system.  We have been given divinely created bodies that heal incredibly well when given the right nutrients.  Here is a recap of what it all looks like to remove, replace and rebuild:

1.     Cut out the sugar.

2.     If you suspect food sensitivities or leaky gut, try an elimination diet.

3.     Breakfast:  Eat a high protein, nutrient-rich meal of one of the following choices:  Eggs; Berries, avocado, and greens (spinach or kale) smoothie; Coconut yogurt with berries and raw nuts; or steel cut oats with dried fruits and nuts.

4.     Lunch:  Salad greens and protein of your choice; brown rice and beans on salad greens; veggie and bean soup; or veggie and chicken soup.

5.     Dinner:  More veggies and protein of your choice with quinoa, sweet potatoes, butternut squash or brown rice. (If you are SCD or Grain Free you know what starched you can have)

6.     One time a week eat the meal of your choice with dessert.  Nobody is perfect and enjoying yourself is a good thing.

7.     Go on a good colon cleansing program and liver cleansing program as recommended by your practitioner, making certain you check with your doctor first, especially if you are on medication. 

8.     Supplement with therapeutic doses of immune enhancing nutrients.

A.    Vitamin C

B.     D3

C.     Multi mushroom capsules

D.    Essential fatty acids 

E.     Super food greens like Sun  Chlorella

F.     Probiotic

G.    Liver and Colon cleansing programs as recommended by your practitioner

9.     Exercise 3-4 times per week.  Pick something you enjoy and stick to it.  Physical activity strengthens your immune system and increases your energy. 

10.                         Be consistent!  The most common mistakes people make are giving up too soon or not being consistent.  You don’t tear down your health in a month, and you aren’t going to build it back up in a month.  You will see amazing changes within 2-3 months if you stick to it.  If you are chronically ill, you may need 6-8 months to see dramatic change.  Never give up!  You will get there! 







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