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As the old saying says, “one man’s cure is another man’s poison.”When it comes to food, this couldn’t be more true.  For instance, a gluten-free diet may work well for some but be of little help to another.  If a person is reactive to grains, even gluten-free options will cause a negative reaction.  Foods that are making your body sick can quickly be detected through the use of the AIP (Auto Immune Protocol). Between 15 and 20 million people currently suffer with an autoimmune disorder.  Autoimmunity occurs when your immune system attacks your body. Leading experts in the field, like Dr. Chris Kresser, believe autoimmunity to be the root cause of many diseases.  Research is revealing that type 1 Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Crohn’s Disease, Hashimoto’s, Grave’s Disease, and Rheumatoid Arthritis are among the autoimmune diseases. One of the common denominators in all of these autoimmune conditions is leaky gut.  This is a critical piece in this puzzle that must be addressed to bring lasting relief.

Auto Immune Protocol

Is auto immunity the source of your problem?

I know this may be new to some of you, and it may seem very overwhelming.  The information on this subject is vast and contains a variety of opinions.  The AIP has its connections to the Paleo Diet.  This also is a huge trend in alternative health.  Please don’t stop reading just because I mentioned Paleo— I am not asking you to embrace the beliefs behind the practices, just the incredible science that points us to its outstanding benefits for those with food allergies and autoimmunity.  The Paelo Diet is also amazing if you want some really yummy, healthy recipes.  I have found some of my favorite healthy recipes in Paleo cookbooks, and many of my clients have found lasting vitality from the Paleo principles.  For more information on this eating plan please go to or   When you are evaluating a plan, please be mindful that no plan is 100% perfect for everyone. I am not suggesting you should jump in full force, obeying the letter of the law on this or any other diet plan. I have a daughter with bowel issues, and I have been colitis free for over 30 years.  This comes from years of clinical experience as a nutritionist and from having personally conquered hypoglycemia and colitis.  Knowing what works and doesn’t is my life.  I want to pass the baton to you, so you can have information to help you live an energetic, healthy life.

If you have spent any time seeking alternative methods for your health problems, you have probably come to realize that what you eat is a key component to getting well.  The Auto Immune Protocol is an incredibly useful tool in determining what foods trigger an autoimmune response that causes inflammation in the body. Remember, inflammation can be the result of your body attacking itself because it perceives a particular food to be an enemy.  This is key to restoring health to those who suffer with autoimmunity issues.  This is because certain foods can cause inflammation in the body.  Inflammation is the source of many problems for certain individuals.  In my practice, recognizing that inflammation is the problem for some is obvious.  For instance, it is obvious to most people who have bowel disease that inflammation is a part of the problem that must be addressed.  For others who may suffer with things such as thyroid issues, joint pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, cardiovascular disease, migraines, or even chronic fatigue, it is less common to recognize that inflammation/autoimmune responses are perpetuating the vicious cycle.  This is because the common school of thought on these types of issues is that they are genetic or of unknown origin.  Unless you have been on the journey of “let food be your medicine,” you probably are unaware of how reactive your body is to food.  For those with bowel disease, a reaction to food is usually very noticeable.  For those with other inflammatory issues, it may not be recognized for what it is.  But at the end of the day, if you are suffering with an autoimmune/ inflammation disorder due to the foods you are eating, there is nothing subtle about the pain.  No system in the body can function well under these conditions.  The AIP is an amazing way to find tremendous relief from your symptoms and to discover the source of the problem.

As you may recall from other articles, an autoimmune response occurs when your “leaky gut” allows unwanted molecules from food, toxins, and bacteria into your bloodstream. It is an irritation from foods and other toxins that allows the intestinal lining to become permeable.  This causes an autoimmune response in various areas of the body.  The challenge is to turn off this autoimmune response.  The key is to do so by eliminating the foods that are triggering inflammation.  This is the benefit of the AIP.  Treating the source of the problem is always better than treating the symptom.  Isn’t it better to take the tack out of your foot than to put a bandage over it?  The same is true internally.  It is always better to fix the cause of inflammation than to suppress the inflammation with immunosuppressant medications.

All of this having been said, the AIP is widely used in the alternative health field  to help you quickly  figure out what foods are the source of your problem.  I didn’t say it was fun, but it is extremely effective.  My job is to help you narrow your focus and sift through enormous amounts of information on this subject.

The protocol is from 30 to 60 days depending on your health issues.  The basic foods you will be eating are chicken, turkey, grass-fed beef, fish, bacon (yes), vegetables, berries, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado, and butternut squash.  You cannot have grains, legumes, dairy, eggs, nuts, seeds, nightshades (or any spices from nightshades), alcohol, sugar, coffee, or NSAIDS. This is the simplified flyby.  For more information on helpful dietary changes that those with autoimmune disease can check out, go to,  or (this one is for my poor thyroid sufferers).  These resources have a wealth of information to help you put on your game face for healing. I do recommend a strong support network consisting of a certified nutritionist who is familiar with autoimmunity and digestive disorders as well as other bloggers or friends who can support you through this.  Just stay away from any blogger floggers who attack you for doing things a bit differently (yikes!). You know my ending mantra:  be disciplined, be consistent, and don’t give up!  If you don’t keep trying to fix you, no one else will.

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