Certified Nutritionist

When your body is sick you look for answers. My body was sick with colitis, hypoglycemia and migraines in my early twenties. These issues were making my career as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor increasingly difficult. On the outside my body appeared fit, but on the inside I was losing the battle with my health. When medicine only made me feel worse, I knew there had to be a better way. Fortunately, I was living in Los Angeles where alternative health practices abounded. I was willing to try anything to get better. I read multitudes of books on how to get well, spent weeks in fasting clinics, became a vegetarian for 5 years, did wheatgrass cleanses, took courses on eating raw food and juicing, completed colon cleanses, and took supplements galore. I was wildly following philosophies of health that did bring improvement, but never really healed the source of my problems. Finally, I made my way to Dr. Lindsey Duncan who coached me through the process of healing my body with whole foods and precision supplementation. We worked on the source of my problem, not the symptoms. The core of my issues were found in my weakest link. My inherently weak intestinal tract had to be healed first, for my foundation to become strong. As much as I had learned in books, I still needed someone to help me sift through the endless approaches to getting well. The concept of the solution was simple. It is better to remove the thumb tack, than to put a band aid over it. Even natural band aids can become useless if the thumb tack is not removed. I learned that though there are some general principles that are helpful to all of us, there is not one program that is perfect for everyone. The second thing I learned is that the foods given to us in creation are powerful medicine. Third, I learned that unless you heal the source of the problem, the results will be minimal and not long lasting.

Finally, a life free of migraines, colitis, and hypoglycemia were mine. Over twenty years later I am still well and passionate about helping others out of the swamp of sickness. After completing my bachelors degree at the University of Kentucky, I knew I would have to go back to school to become a certified  nutritionist. And so I did. My early years of practice were under Dr. Lindsey Duncan in Santa Monica, CA. Our office quickly became popular among movie and music industry celebrities.  We never had a dull moment. I have now been a certified nutritionist for over twenty years, in private practice. Where my skills have really been put to the test is in my own home, as a mother of three children. I have placed my children on GFCF and SCD diets to address their health issues. Like many of you, I have been the one executing the food preparation and supplement taking. I have faced the relatives and friends who look at you as if you have lost your mind for choosing a nutritional approach. You are definitely going against the grain when you choose this path. It is a challenging task but well worth the effort. Helping your children out of sickness is hard I know, but the joy of seeing them well far outweighs the struggles.

I consult with people nationwide specializing in bowel disease, autoimmunity, diabetes, weight management, cardiovascular disease, surgical recovery, nutritional cancer support, and a variety of pediatric conditions.  My schedule is full as a guest speaker for large and small groups nationwide, an educator for national health food stores, and media spokesperson for alternative health practices. My desire is to help each person I work with to become well, strong, and energetic as we grow and learn together in the pursuit of health.

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